Where to buy Rick Simpson Oil Online

Buy Rick Simpson Oil

Where to buy Rick Simpson Oil

The problem with trying to buy Rick Simpson oil is that in most countries it’s considered illegal as it’s made from a whole cannabis plant extract and contains high amounts of THC. But the fact is many patients know it may help them and try and source it anyway. For many Rick Simpson oil is a last resort after they have gone through the conventional medical system.

The first place most people begin is to search online. This is normally where the problems starts since there is so much information out there that is often confusing and contradictory. Most people have no idea what product to buy, what ratio of THC to CBD they need or if they can even trust their supplier.

This is why Rick Simpson always suggests to make it yourself as it’s the only way to really know what you are getting.

Buying Rick Simpson Oil in the USA

If you live in the USA there are many states where Rick Simpson Oil is legal and you can purchase High THC Cannabis Oil / Rick Simpson Oil

One company you could check out is Marijuana2go They are a medical marijuana collective organized as a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation and have cannabis for sale in a variety of strengths and strains. Typical THC : CBD ratios can be seen below. Their cannabis oil is packaged in 1 gram and 3.5 gram plastic syringes.

All their products are lab tested by cannasafe analytics and they make the lab tests available online. While they don’t test for pesticides and other impurities you can feel safe knowing that the amount of THC : CBD you are buying is backed up by an independent laboratory test. This kind of transparency is rare and gets a big thumbs up from Eternal Plants


Visit their website here.

buy Rick Simpson oil

Buying Rick Simpson Oil in Australia

There is no legal source to purchase Rick Simpson Oil in Australia unless you have a prescription from a doctor and fit into the small category of patients who are allowed to receive it. Plus you have to consider all the red tape and hoops you and your doctor will have to jump through. The bottom line is most people source it from the black market or through a friend or acquaintance or join a Facebook group or forum and ask others  where to get it from. This method is far from ideal and opens vulnerable patients to getting ripped off & overcharged. If you need Rick Simpson oil please send us a message and we will try and connect you to a reputable source or point you to a local support group who may be able to help you.

How much does Rick Simpson Oil Cost?

The cost of Rick Simpson oil really depends on where you live and what the going rate for Cannabis is in your area. In countries where it is illegal expect to pay a premium price. A typical cancer patient following Rick Simpsons protocol would require 60 Grams of Oil. If you live in the USA at $45 per gram this would work out to about $2700

Is it safe to buy Rick Simpson oil online?

There a a few issues to consider if you are thinking to buy Rick Simpson oil online. The first one is the legal issue; most cancer patients have nothing left to lose so are willing to take this risk but if you are purchasing RSO Oil for a friend of loved one be aware that you are legally responsible for your actions. Many patients have wound up in trouble with the authorities. Importing THC Oil carries high penalties in some jurisdictions.

The second issue is that if there are any problems you are unlikely to be able to get a refund and risk getting ripped off and paying a premium price for an inferior product.

Rick Simpsons advice to everyone has always been to

Make your own oil and beware of scammers

The final major danger is quality control.  There are no production standards in the black market. It’s worth asking if they test their oil for purity and quality, if they do then this is always a good sign, but don’t expect this to be the norm.

Rick Simpson Oil Scammers – Dangers to avoid when you buy Rick Simpson Oil

If you are buying Rick Simpson oil always ask questions and know exactly what you are getting. A reputable supplier will be happy to answer them, a scammer will not.

Insist on 100% organic plant material for the extract; if the plant was grown in soil contaminated with pesticides or heavy metals these will be present in your Rick Simpson oil extract

Check if they used a high quality solvent for extraction? If they didn’t then poisonous residues of ethanol or methanol may remain. Many ignorant, lazy or greedy manufacturers of Rick Simpson oil don’t complete the full evaporation of the solvent since by doing this they are left with more oil meaning they can make more money.  Most Rick Simpson oil that you buy online is made by well meaning people in their backyards. While their intentions may be good, they don’t have the proper safety and good manufacturing procedures in place which means their product may be contaminated putting your health at risk.

Do they know the exact THC:CBD ratio? If not then you might have a very strong THC oil that you may react badly to. THC can cause very unpleasant mental paranoia in a few people which is why having some CBD is generally considered a good thing since it mitigates the psychoactive effects of THC.

Are they putting pressure on you to buy? Many Scammers are contacting vulnerable people on Facebook and then sending them images of people dying of Cancer and making them feel guilty if they don’t buy from them. Saying that they or their loved ones will die.

Are they giving you false medical advice? Anyone who is making medical claims who is not a doctor or registered health practitioner familiar with cannabis therapeutics should be avoided like the plague. Do your own research.

If they are claiming to have official Phoenix Tears Oil there is a high likelihood it’s a scam, since Rick Simspon does not manufacture or sell any oil himself or endorse and companies or people who do.

CBD Oil from Eternal Plants Low THC Rick Simpson Oil

Eternal Plants offers CBD Oil with free shipping within Australia, delivery normally takes about 5-7 working days. All our CBD Oil is whole plant extract, organically produced, GMP Certified and lab tested.

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11 thoughts on “Where to buy Rick Simpson Oil Online

  1. Kim Walton says:

    Looking to purchase Rick Simpson Oil in Australia. Any ideas where I can obtain it from?

    • eternal says:

      We would like to express our respect for all patient choices regarding RSO(THC) or RSO(THC) /CBD (cannabinoid) combination treatments. We however have a clear mission to provide the highest quality organic and GMP certified hemp extracts. Bearing this in mind please note we do not supply nor advise on the use of RSO, so that we can ensue we continue the service we provide to you.Should you feel convinced you require RSO oils there are organizations we may be able to suggest you seek advice from. Please contact our customer support for more information

  2. Chris says:

    I’m looking to buy rick Simpson oil for a 93 year old
    Currently having chemo
    South Australia

    • Sholto says:

      Hi Chris , my name is Sholto. im to having trouble with chemo and radiation treatments and looking for Rick Simson oil . I live in Queensland and having no luck with a doctor to prescribe.me. did you have any luck.

  3. Marie tabor says:

    I need wat helps with cancer. And i not know which one it is.. Plz tell me and how do i order it? I want it now.

  4. Zenon says:

    Hi, I’m from Poland, I am looking to buy Rick Simpson oil for my wife who has sick joints

  5. Carol says:

    Hello I have Breast Cancer with one node involved. Looking for Rick Simpson oil to buy up here in the Northern California area, Sacramento.

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