A Harrington Park father of six says cannabis oil saved his life.

Cannabis Oil Saved My Life

A Harrington Park father of six says the use of illegal cannabis oil saved his life.

Wayne (surname withheld at request) is almost cancer free after using the oil for more than a year.

Earlier this year the federal government approved legislation making medical cannabis more accessible to people suffering from serious illnesses.


“The doctors said if I had chemotherapy I would have about 12 months to live instead of six,” he said.

“I decided to stop all treatments and just enjoy the time I had left but my wife wasn’t ready to let that happen so she looked into medicinal cannabis.”

Wayne’s wife Joanne said she was “shattered” when they received the heart-breaking diagnosis.

“It was devastating,” she said. “When someone suggested [cannabis oil] to us I called them an idiot.

“After doing some more research we decided to try it and within 12 weeks the cancer in his lungs, liver and one of his lymph nodes was gone.


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