CBD oil reduces Katelyn’s seizures dramatically

katelyn lambert dravet syndrome

Michael Lambert, father of 5-year-old Katelyn Lambert was found guilty of possession and cultivation of cannabis. He was growing the plant to help his daughter who has the rare epileptic condition, Dravet Syndrome.

CBD oil reduces Katelyn’s seizures dramatically

Little Katelyn, was resistant to conventional medication, and suffered hundreds of seizures a day. Her future looked increasingly bleak as any seizure could potentially kill her. Desperate to help their daughter, Katelyn’s parents came across various anecdotal stories of children with her condition, who after taking CBD oil, had reduced their seizures to almost zero.

And much to their relief, Katelyn also responded well to the Endoca CBD oil they imported, so much so grandfather Barry Lambert decided to donate $33.7 million dollars to medical cannabis research.

Watch here granddad Barry and wife Joy talking about how Katelyn’s life was turned around after taking CBD.

Unfortunately, son Michael was caught and prosecuted for possessing cannabis that he’d grown to help his daughter remain seizure free. He was hoping that in court common sense would prevail. But yesterday the judge found him guilty, saying that despite the evidence showing that cannabis helped Katelyn’s health, this couldn’t ‘circumvent the law,’ or ‘set a moral policy’.

Michael was found guilty on two counts but did not record a conviction.

Lambert family determined to fight for access to medical cannabis

Outside court millionaire businessman Barry suggested there should be a special medical cannabis register to protect citizens while the Australian state governments finalise their policies.

“The states should declare a register where people like Katelyn can register and they can test the oil to make sure there’s nothing harmful about it,” Barry said.

“The problem in NSW is confusion with marijuana and this is not what that debate’s about here. We’re not arguing about that … that’s a different issue.

“The fact is hemp extract is wonderful for various conditions, in particular epilepsy.”

This guilty verdict comes just weeks after the result of a stage 3 clinical trial in which a pharmaceutical grade CBD medication was shown to reduce seizures in patients with Dravet Syndrome by 40%.

Perhaps one day the law will catch up with scientific evidence.

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