High CBD Oil – Getting the most value from the CBD oil you buy

high cbd oil - getting the most value from the CBD oil you buy

High CBD Oil – What you need to know

High CBD Oil is any concentrated CBD product that contains a higher percentage of CBD in mg in relation to the volume or weight of oil purchased.

CBD concentration is considered by most people to be the most important characteristic that can be used to evaluate a CBD product. Concentration refers to the ratio of CBD volume to the volume of the total product.

Are there international standards for labelling CBD Oil?

On the international market & in Australia you can find hemp oil with different CBD concentrations, so although many of these brands contain CBD, they may not have a high percentage of CBD.

Some manufacturers label their CBD products in grams in relationship to the size or weight of the container rather than giving you an exact amount of CBD measured in mg

Eternal Plants produces CBD oil that can often be called High CBD Oil containing 2000mg CBD per bottle. All our products are labeled with exact concentrations of CBD/CBDa measured in milligrams.

Is High CBD Oil better than Low CBD Oil?

What concentration you choose depends on how much CBD you want to take, what delivery method suits you and how much you want to pay for it.  These factors will determine your choice of product, so high CBD oil in not necessarily better than low CBD oil. You can adjust the dosage so you get the same effects with either type. If you have low CBD oil you have to take a lot of it to get the same CBD amount as you would with a high cbd oil. In this respect a high CBD oil has its advantages as you can more easily adjust the dose to your needs by taking fewer drops. 

If you are new to CBD then we always suggest starting with a low CBD oil to begin with. More experienced users who already understand the benefits of taking CBD can start directly with a high CBD oil.

The delivery method will also affect the bioavailability of the CBD you take and how quickly it is absorbed into the bloodstream. You could get a better effect taking CBD in a normal strength CBD suppository as taking the same amount of high CBD oil extract orally. This is because the bioavailability is higher when taken rectally.

High CBD Oil Bioavailability

Is there a simple way to understand CBD percentages?

As an example, we will use Eternal Plants 20% decarboxylated drops. The bottle contain 10 ml of cbd oil (10,000mg), 20% of this is the content of CBD in the 10 ml bottle

1 gram = 1000mg

1000mg x 10 = 10,000mg

10 grams = 10,000mg

20% of 10,000 = 2,000mg

Therefore each 10 ml bottle of 20% CBD oil contains 2,000mg CBD

If a high CBD oil is 20% CBD, what does the other 70% consist of?

Eternal Plants CBD oils contain different phyto-cannabinoids: most CBD/CBDa products also contain low concentrations of CBC, CBG, CBN; terpenes and other natural molecules (for more details you can read the ingredients on each product). Many of these compounds interact synergistically to create what scientists refer to as an “entourage effect” that magnifies the therapeutic benefits of the plant’s individual components, so that the medicinal impact of the whole plant is greater than the sum of its parts.

What is the best value CBD Oil?

To find the best value CBD Oil when comparing a range of similar products you should calculate the price per mg of CBD. This will give you a metric to compare how many mg of CBD you are getting in relationship to the price.

Divide the Price by the mg of CBD present.

For example if you find a 10 gram bottle of 20% oil priced at $250 it should contain 2000mg of CBD. So divide 250/2000 which is $0.125 per mg of CBD

If you do this calculation for different size and different strength products until you find the best value within your current budget.

How many mg of CBD oil should you consume?

Concentrations vary between preparations, ranging from 1 mg per dose to hundreds of milligrams. This makes it easy for consumers to get the dosages they need in a form they find easy to use.

It’s important to remember that If you purchase high CBD oil, the quantity of CBD in milligrams per gram of product is higher, so to get the same dose as you would have got using a lower-concentration product, you will take less CBD oil.

Some people calculate their dose by using their weight in kilograms multiplied by 0.5 mg to determine their daily dose. However, this calculation, though simple, is flawed since it does not take certain variables into account. For instance, the metabolism of the person may play a role in how CBD effects the body.

Individuals are different and so are their needs?

The traditional up-titration step up approach is appropriate when consuming high CBD oil. In this way, every individual can find and optimize the right amount of hemp product for their needs.

Up titration means starting with a very small dose of CBD and gradually increasing it over time until you notice that the benefits start to decline or if feels uncomfortable, your body will normally tell you when you reach this. At this point you reduce your dosage backwards to find that sweet spot.

CBD responds differently to each individual so no two dosing regimes will ever be the same. Unfortunately many individuals coming from conventional allopathic medicine find this confusing and frustrating since they want to know exactly what dose they should take each day and very few doctors or experienced health professionals are there to guide them.  

What happens if I take too much high CBD oil?

Luckily, even if you take too much there is no real chance of a CBD overdose. Some studies claim that there is no documented risk at extremely high CBD oil dosages – even at rates as high as 1,500mg a day.

Taking more than you need is certainly wasteful since the dose response of CBD is not linear. You get a multiphasic dose response when you plot this onto a curve. Taking high CBD oil in large doses isn’t necessarily going to give you improved results.

What types of high CBD Oil can I buy?

Eternal Plants make two types of high CBD oil with a 20% concentration each containing 2000mg of CBD respectively Classic Decarboxylated CBD and Classic Decarboxylated CBD

Sometimes High CBD oil is branded as CBD Gold. It ranges from 24% CBD to 60% CBD depending on the manufacturer.

High CBD Oil Summary

  • CBD Concentration refers to the ratio of CBD volume to the volume of the total product.
  • High CBD oil in not necessarily better than low CBD oil it depends on your experience and delivery method.
  • To compare CBD calculate the total amount of CBD in milligrams.
  • To compare CBD Oil value calculate the total amount of CBD in milligrams divided by the price.
  • Your CBD dosing regime is personalised, it depends on many factors like your weight, metabolism and experience.
  • Start at a low dose and work upwards until you find the sweet spot.
  • Higher dosing with high CBD Oil isn’t necessarily going to give you a better  results since the dose response of CBD is not linear.



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