CBD Gold: Is it worth the price? (Buyers Guide)


CBD Gold Buyers Guide

CBD Gold, is it really worth the price? When buying CBD oil there are several details you have to factor in. Where it’s being made, what other cannabinoids are in the oil, and of course how much I am getting for the price. Unfortunately most of us purchase with our eyes first and nothing sounds better than Gold. In our minds it means premium, top shelf, the best. But is CBD gold really worth the extra money and what should be an even more important question, why is it gold?

It’s twice the price but is it twice as good?

Most companies have a premium line of oil that they charge almost twice as much money for not even double the amount of oil. They claim it is because of the type of extraction it takes to get it to that beautiful golden hue. Sounds great, right. Then what is with all the secrets and closed doors on how and what goes into the process to make CBD gold. Let’s dig a little deeper.

From Green to Gold

Plants are green because they contain a pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll makes the CBD oil darker so by purifying and extracting this, the colour of CBD oil can be improved and removing the plant waxes made it more palatable.

What extractions take place between Raw CBD Oil and CBD Gold

Most companies won’t tell you their trade secrets on how they get their oil to look gold. It is safe to say there is more than one process. The first would be a Co2 extraction to get the raw oil out of the raw material or hemp. The second process would be some sort of filtration to strip some raw materials including the chlorophyll and waxes. After these processes what’s left behind would be a dark goldish looking paste.

Just because it looks Gold doesn’t mean it is Gold

That being said, some companies out there don’t mention a second process at all.  There are companies cutting corners trying to stretch the oil they buy and create the illusion of true CBD gold. These companies use anything and everything and will claim each carrier is better than the rest. From Emu oil, to PEG, (polyethylene glycol) they mix a standard CBD oil with these carriers to stretch out their materials.

Don’t be fooled by claims of bioavailability and better taste, make sure you are buying CBD gold oil made with NO carriers.

Is it worth the price?

To be blunt, no. Here is why. These oils were made with the customers taste buds in mind and less on the productivity of the product . Most CBD oils are actually like a paste. These pastes are hard to work with and usually don’t leave the greatest taste in our mouths. The gold has a less of a bitter taste and is more of a liquid. Easier to take yes, but some will argue the taste is so bitter because of the combination of terpenes you get with the natural oil. Terpenes are responsible for the taste and smell of a plant. However new studies are showing that the terpenes are more involved in the positive effects we feel than first thought. These terpenes are also less potent in a Cbd Gold oil that has had them reduced or removed entirely.

Benefits of CBD Gold

CBD Gold is expensive,  but before balking at the price, calculate exactly how much you are paying per gram of CBD as it can actually work out cheaper in the long run.

CBD Gold has a high concentration of CBD typically a 24% – 30% range CBD and some manufacturers make 43.5% and 60% concentrations.

CBD Gold is more palatable, it has a less harsh taste because the Chlorophyll and waxes have been filtered out during a secondary purification process

CBD Gold may be missing some of the essential oils normally found in normal hemp plant extracts. These terpenoids and flavonoids are thought to be essential to medicinal effectiveness and the entourage effect. Are you making a sacrifice in effectiveness for an increase in taste and palatability? As a consumer you need to decide if this is worth it.

Real CBD Golden Oil takes longer to make so it’s only fair the price should reflect this extra processing time since the production costs are higher

CBD Gold Pricing Strategy

Companies often produce a premium product as part of their pricing strategy. When presented with three similar products having a premium, high priced offer makes it easier to justify the middle priced products.

As an example, three identical CBD oil products are sold. The only difference is the amount of CBD in each sample.


The blue sample is a 10% oil priced at  $150

The green sample is a 20% oil priced at $250

The gold sample is a 30% oil priced at $500

Which one would you pick? Most rational consumers would choose the green one because it gives them the best value. What most people miss is they are being manipulated into this choice. The 10% oil is slightly overpriced but still fair but the Gold oil is being sold at a premium and price gouging the ignorant consumer. No matter what justifications the company is making the consumer is being ripped off.

Let’s do the Math

It’s easier to see when you do the calculations for a 10 gram tube:

The Blue sample contains 1000mg of CBD and costs $0.15 per mg of CBD

The Green sample contains 2000mg of CBD and costs $0.125 per mg of CBD

The Gold sample contains 3000 mg of CBD costs costs $0.16 per mg of CBD

CBD companies know that consumers will probably take exactly the same amount each time they consume CBD regardless of the concentration so this pricing strategy means that they make more money from regular purchases of their Green sample than they would if customers purchased the premium or cheaper options.

Wealthy consumers who have life threatening illnesses are more inclined to demand the very best, highest strength product available regardless of price. So instead of buying the Green sample and dosing of 1.5 times the amount they would pick the Gold sample and ignore the fact that they are being exploited.

Our Recommendations for CBD gold

  • Find a company you trust
  • Do the math – how many mg(milligrams) of CBD are you getting per dollar you spend
  • Is the premium price justified?
  • Is it Organic, lab tested, GMP produced and fairly priced compared to the company’s other products
  • Endoca (a company we highly trust) make a 30% Raw CBD Golden Oil paste which is grown organically and preserves the terpenes and flavonoids.

cbd gold 30% cbd golden oil raw hemp oil

CBD Gold is for you if:

  • You want high strength CBD and don’t care about how much it costs.
  • You have tried other CBD products and don’t like the taste and want something more palatable
  • You don’t mind that some of the terpenes and flavonoids have been removed in the purification process.

Don’t Buy CBD gold if:

  • The company is price gouging you in relation to its other products  – do the math.
  • They justify the higher price by using buzzwords like more bioavailability or have added flavourings to the extract to improve the taste.
  • If the CBD Gold has been diluted with carrier oil.
  • If it looks too golden or transparent it’s probably been adulterated, real CBD Gold should be a dark goldish colour.




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  1. Marcia Hobbs Hobbs says:

    Hi Please can you help.
    I have a son who lives in Australia who unfortunately is taking Meth. I have read about the possibility of using organic CBD oil in the hope of getting him off this as it appears to go to the receptors in the brain. He has a good job but suffers from stress and anxiety hence the use if Meth. I do not know what company to use and scared of getting ‘ripped’ off so to speak. Also I will be paying from the UK for delivery to Perth Australia.
    I have read that organic is best but I would like if possible your honest opinion into what I am about to do.
    I look ford to hearing back from you in the hope you can help me.

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