How to Buy CBD Oil (Cannabidiol) | Online Buyers Guide

cbd oil buyers guide how to buy cbd oil online

How to Buy CBD Oil (Cannabidiol): Online Buyers Guide

Are you are looking to buy CBD oil products, but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve made a comprehensive guide to help you purchase the right product for you! This guide is essential reading if you are buying CBD supplements for your friends or family.

Navigating the online maze can be daunting especially if you are new to CBD or have been recommended to take it by a friend or loved one.  There are probably a few questions you need to answer before you make your decision.

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We have broken this simple CBD Buyers guide into 5 sections so feel free to skip to the part that is most relevant. 

1. Can CBD Oil work for you?

CBD can be taken as a food supplement by most people to support a healthy balanced lifestyle. It’s always wise to consult a qualified health practitioner before you begin, especially if you are taking other medications.

If you have a particular condition you wish to treat,  we always recommend working together with your doctor instead of self diagnosing. Many people come to CBD as a last resort when conventional medicine has failed them.

There is no way to know if CBD will work for you unless you actually try it. Since we are not doctors, we cannot diagnose conditions or claim CBD will treat, cure or have any benefits at all. It’s up to you to do your own research. There is a lot of scientific research into Cannabidiol and several clinical studies that believe it has a great potential. There is also a lot of anecdotal evidence which should also be taken into account. 

Cannabinoids influence your body’s own endocannabinoid system to help bring you back into balance and maintain homeostasis.

2. Picking the right type of CBD Product

This guide will focus on high strength CBD extracts as we believe these to be the most beneficial.

To pick the right product you need to decide on the delivery method that works best for you, you can ingest CBD in a variety of ways, orally through the mouth, (Drops, Extract & Capsules, Chewing Gum) Rectally or vaginally (Suppositories) or inhaling it via the lungs (Smoking, Vaping, Dabbing). Each delivery method has it’s own advantages & disadvantages


Advantages: Convenient, easy to adjust dosage, high bioavailability

Disadvantages: Unpleasant taste, leaking dropper bottles

Hemp CBD oil drops are often sold in dropper bottles with a pipette to make dosing easier. They CBD is placed under the tongue and absorbed in the capillaries in the mouth. This kind of Hemp CBD Oil is normally diluted in a carrier oil. This can be cold pressed hemp oil, coconut oil or olive oil. By adding the CBD (cannabidiol) to a base oil it makes the CBD more bioavailable to your body.

Hemp oil drops come in different strengths depending on the dilution.

buy cbd oil drops


Typical CBD Oil drop strengths

3% CBD Oil Drops – A low strength CBD oil – good for everyday health & balance – recommended for first time users
5% CBD Oil Drops – A low strength CBD oil – good for everyday health & balance – affordable
15% CBD Oil Drops – A high strength CBD oil for more serious health conditions & experienced users
20% CBD Oil Drops – A higher strength CBD oil giving for serious health conditions & experienced users

Often the more expensive CBD works out cheaper in the long run as you get more milligrams of CBD and you can use less to get the same effect.

To compare different products, take the milligrams of CBD in each bottle and divid by the price to give you the dollar cost per mg of CBD.


Advantages: Convenient, easy to adjust dosage, high bioavailability

Disadvantages: Unpleasant taste,

CBD Hemp extract is often the first product that is extracted from the hemp plants after harvesting. The best extraction method is by supercritical CO2 as it preserves more of the cannabinoids and terpenes. It comes as a green or dark brown paste and is often sold in syringe dispensers. CBD extract has a very earthy or hempy taste that some users find unpleasant at first but later get used to.

Typical CBD Oil Extract strengths

10% CBD Oil Extract – A lower strength CBD Extract – good for everyday health & balance
15% CBD Oil Extract – A medium strength CBD oil – good for general conditions and health maintenance
20% CBD Oil Extract – A high strength CBD oil for more serious health conditions & experienced users
30% CBD Oil Extract – A very high strength CBD oil, often called CBD Gold or Golden oil.  Only used for very serious health conditions where you need to consume a lot of CBD every day.

Buy CBD Oil Raw Golden Paste

The CBD oil is extracted in three stages

First Extraction – Raw CBD

This is the most natural form of CBD and contains the most acidic cannabinoids like CBDA and THCA. The paste is often thick and green and is almost like juicing the hemp plants. This type of CBD is often called RAW Extract or RAW CBD or CBD  + CBDA

Second Extraction – Decarboxylation

The raw extract goes through a second phase of processing by gently heating it and removing some of the plant waxes and vegetable matter. This kind of CBD paste has a lighter colour and texture. It’s often smoother and more runny than the Raw Extract. The CBD is decarboxylated, which means it has undergone a heat process to transform the CBDA into CBD. This is the most common type of CBD as it lasts the longest if kept properly and is the most stable.

Third Stage Purification – Filtered CBD Golden Oil

Some CBD extracts are created by a final stage of purification where the oil is heated for even longer removing more of the impurities and all of the plant matter. The filtration produces a more concentrated form of CBD Extract. It often has a dark golden transparent colour. This is the most expensive kind of CBD extract often 1.5 times the price of Raw Extract or Decarboxylated CBD


Advantages: Convenient, tasteless, great for children or if you have digestive issues

Disadvantages: Hard to adjust dosage, lower bioavailability, more expensive per mg of CBD, more time needed for effects to take place

Hemp CBD Oil Capsules are perfect if you are new to CBD or dislike the taste. Capsules can be swallowed and allow the CBD to be released more slowly as the capsules dissolve in the stomach. You can easily make your own capsules at home buy first purchasing empty capsules and filling them up with CBD extract or CBD oil.

buy cbd oil capsules


Advantages: High bioavailability, good for anyone with digestive issues or who can’t swallow

Disadvantages: Inconvenient to administer, can melt at higher temperatures, hard to adjust dosage.

CBD suppositories are made into lozenge shaped torpedoes that can be inserted into the rectum or vagina. They offer the advantages of high bioavailability. Many people have a stigma or fear of this kind of delivery method that needs to be overcome. The CDB is mixed with coconut oil or shea butter and must be stored in the fridge before you use them. In hot countries you may find they melt before you can insert them so this is something to be aware of.


CBD Chewing gum releases CBD quickly into your bloodstream. The bioavailability of CBD is enhanced through oral absorption, so chewing promotes an efficient delivery mechanism of CBD into the body through the mucous membranes in your mouth and throat.


CBD can be mixed into cosmetics and creams and applied directly to the skin. Hemp oil is high in vitamin E which can help support a healthy and vibrant skin tone and rejuvenate the body.

hemp cbd oil skincare products

3. How to choose a trustworthy CBD Brand

Picking a trustworthy CBD brand is hard in such a crowded marketplace. We suggest you look for these qualities that make a manufacturer stand out and show they actually care for the wellbeing of the environment and their customers.

Only ever buy organic CBD Oil – As a company we care deeply about the environment, it has it’s health benefits too. Hemp is a plant that draws up impurities from the soil, so if your product is not certified organic and grow in proper clean soil you risk taking in pesticides, fertilisers and heavy metals in your CBD.

Make sure when you buy CBD oil it’s been tested in a laboratory and you can see the lab results.

Good Manufacturing Practice GMP – This means the company follow government approved production methods, the same way any pharmaceutical or food manufacturer needs to. It also means there is an official body overseeing the production facilities ensuring your safety.

Supercritical CO2 extraction – We recommend companies that make CBD Oil using CO2 extraction. It’s often a bit more expensive than other extraction methods but it’s the safest.

Customer Support – Only Buy CBD oil from companies that offer a guarantee and give customer support, you need to know they can answer your questions and will be there if things go wrong in your purchase process,

Check for Online Reviews – Trust Pilot is a good place to start also ask other CBD users what companies and brands they would recommend.

4. What products & companies we recommend

If you want to buy CBD oil in Australia you a bit limited for choice at the moment as only a few companies will ship directly.  Due to the recent legislation changes, many Australians are being forced to purchase CBD oil from overseas as their local distributors have been shut down. If you want to order CBD online these are the companies we recommend.

Buy CBD Oil in Australia

Eternal Plants – Organic CBD Oil, Lab Tested, GMP Certified, Free shipping to Australia.

Endoca – A European CBD Manufacturer – Organic CBD, Lab Tested, GMP Certified, Ships Worldwide

BlueBird Botanicals – A Colorado CBD Company – Organic, Lab tested CBD, Quality Guarantee, Available on many 3rd party websites 

Charlottes Web –  A Colorado CBD Company run by the Stanley brothers, famous for Charlotte Figgi who their products are named after

Elixinol – Organic, lab tested CBD Manufacturer based in USA, no longer servicing the Australian market, currently working directly with doctors.

5. How to find the best value CBD products

To find the best value CBD products consider these factors

Avoid buying the cheapest CBD products – many companies dilute their CBD and don’t label it properly, if it’s not been lab tested you have no idea what you are getting – buyer beware. 

Calculate how many milligrams are in your CBD product and divide by the price then compare to your other products you are considering.

Include shipping costs into your calculations. A cheap product price can suddenly seem much more expensive when you add $50 for expedited shipping. The best companies give free shipping when you spend over a certain amount

Compare prices in 3rd party websites – sometimes you can find a better deal from a CBD shop that sells many different CBD brands.

Sign up for the mailing list – Most CBD companies offer seasonal discounts, sometimes as much as 30% off

Buy from grassroots companies not big corporations – Grassroots companies give back to their communities and are not driven solely for profit. Read the mission statement and support companies that have charitable programs and sponsor research and legislative change movements.

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