CBD Oil Price Comparison – Eternal Plants vs Hempworx

CBD oil price comparison tables :  We review Eternal Plants CBD Oil  , Hempworx 500, Hempworx 750 and Community Base Dispensary Hemp 1000

We also make a quick Hempworx review  for anyone considering buying from them.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Classic Oil 2000 10ml Hempworx 500 CBD Oil Natural Flavor 30ml (500mg) Hempworx 750 CBD Oil Natural Flavor 30ml (750mg) HEMP OIL – 1000 50ml
TOTAL MILLIGRAMS CBD 2000mg 500mg 750mg 1000mg
STRENGTH % CANNABIDIOL 20% CBD Concentration 1.66% CBD Concentration 2.5% CBD Concentration 2% CBD Concentration
TOTAL NUMBER OF DROPS 250 600 600 1000
MILLIGRAMS/DROP 8 mg per drop 0.83 mg per drop 1.25 mg per drop 1 mg per drop
PRICE PER mg of CBD $0.125 AUD $0.183 AUD $0.157 AUD $0.220 AUD
CARRIER OIL Hemp Seed Oil Hemp Seed Oil Hemp Seed Oil Hemp oil & coconut MCT oil
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We often get asked about other CBD oil brands, many of our customers have tried other brands or used to use other brands and can no longer get them in Australia. To help you compare CBD Oil products we have included the some other manufacturers of CBD oil who meet our quality standards. CBD oil that is Organically produced, GMP certified and Lab tested. If you are new to CBD Oil then you might find our CBD oil buyers guide useful.

We believe Eternal Plants outshine the others due to our excellent customer support, guaranteed delivery and a 100% money back guarantee, but then we are biased 😉

If you have any other brands or products you would like us to include please send us an email at support@eternalplants.com

A quick Hempworx review

This is not an impartial reviews as we are a direct competitor. It is made to educate Eternal plants customers and those deciding whether to purchase Hempworx products to allow them to compare and decide for themselves.

Is Hempworx a Scam?

This is a question one of our customers sent in, “Is Hempworx a Scam?” after receiving a message from one of their friends on Facebook.

To add too that list of questions here are a few others that you should consider asking yourself.

  1. Is Hempworx a scam?
  2. Is Hempworx a pyramid scheme?
  3. Do Hempworx have a legitimate product?
  4. Is Hempworx CBD good value for money?
  5. Are Hempworx marketing that product in an ethical way?
  6. Are they making unsubstantiated medical claims?
  7. Are they vetting and training their distributors properly?
  8. What percentage of the sale goes to the distributor and their upline?
  9. Who owns Hempworx and what is their background?
  10. Do they do proactive SEO to avoid bad reviews, ranking themselves for terms like Hempworx Scam? Hempworx Ripoff? Hempworx Review?
  11. Are any of the affiliates answerable to anyone?

Is Hempworx a scam?

HempWorx is a multi-level marketing company that requires membership to purchase their products. It’s not a scam in most senses but they do have a lot of unhappy customers, we have spoken to many of them who have contacted our customer support looking for a new CBD supplier. The company has grown very rapidly over the past year and this has obviously caused issues with customer support, shipping and refunds. Please read the customer reviews and make your own conclusion. 

Is Hempworx a pyramid scheme?

This really depends on your definition of pyramid scheme. They do have a pyramid structure for affiliates where those higher up get paid a proportion of sales from those below. But it’s not technically a pyramid scheme because money coming in is used to purchase actual products and not all used to compensate those above.

The fact that you can purchase products without joining as an affiliate would also make this company not qualify as a pyramid scheme.

Do Hempworx have a legitimate product?

Hempworx do have legitimate products, they sell a range of CBD oil products. Generally these products are low strength CBD products.

Is Hempworx CBD good value for money?

The fact that a large percentage of your purchase price goes to an affiliate means you will be paying more per mg for your CBD oil. Our price comparison table shows this (in fact you can compare any CBD oil product by price per mg by using our handy calculator link: https://eternalplants.com/cbd-oil-calculator/cbd-oil-price-calculator-compare-cbd-oil-products/ ). They do have competitive prices but you need to factor in the shipping costs, their very limited refund policy and the risks that are placed entirely on the shoulders of the customer. If your product gets lost in customs or returned you have to chase down the company to get a refund. Our customer support is full of unhappy customers waiting for refunds, seeking an alternative provider. They like the product but do not like the way the company operates.

Are Hempworx marketing that product in an ethical way?

As a company hempworx are marketing in an ethical way. They have a very active facebook page and are totally upfront about their MLM marketing and compensation structure. The problems arise when you have so many affiliates. There is no one to police them and they end up spamming the entire web, and social media channels and every YouTube video with their affiliate link and telling everyone how wonderful Hempworx is. Many are not making it known that they will get compensated if someone purchases via their link which is breaking the law in many countries.

Are Hempworx making unsubstantiated medical claims?

In their marketing they are careful not to make unsubstantiated claims since they are based in the USA and regulated by the FDA.

Are they vetting and training their distributors properly?

In our opinion no. Anyone who pays to join can become an affiliate and start selling straight away. CBD is a complex subject, anyone selling needs months of training to properly answer customers questions and explain what it can and cannot do. Many affiliates are inflating it’s benefits and touting CBD as a miracle cure for everything. While we know CBD is a wonderful gift from nature we would encourage any hempworx affiliates to spend time reading the free resources on our website and learning first before trying to push it out on all your friends, our customer support are here to help if you have any questions.

What percentage of the sale goes to the distributor and their upline?

This depends on the compensation structure of the affiliate you purchase from. You can find out more about it on their facebook page or youtube channel.

Who owns Hempworx and what is their background?

The founders of HempWorx, Josh and Jenna Zwagil, are the same founders of another MLM company called “My Daily Choice“

Do they do proactive SEO to avoid bad reviews?

There are many positive and negative reviews online, as a company they don’t seem to be busy avoiding negative reviews as there are many directly on their own Facebook page, if you google hempworx scam you will find a lot of affiliates trying to trick people into clicking on their link and claiming to give impartial reviews when in fact they are not.

Are any of the affiliates answerable to anyone?

No. Hempworx affilaites can do pretty much what they want. The company has grown so fast that there is no way they can control what their affiliates do or say.


Customer Reviews

There are many positive reviews about Hempworx and their products. We wanted to share some of the not so positive ones direct from their Facebook page and CBD oil review websites.

From Hempworx Facebook Page

I just bought 4 bottles of this in 500 mg. I just have to say 3 will be sold. I took 3 times the amount of what I take of another 500 mg CBD brand out of Europe I get and got poor results from the HempWorx. I am not sure why, as I have seen many reviews praising this product, but I sure did not get those results compared to the other CBD I use from Europe. If I had taken this much of the CBD i normally use it would have put me to sleep. Maybe it is just me, but this product did not work for me.

I  am a huge advocate and I use, and sell it every day. To countless people. I also research everything. While this appears to be a quality product they diminish it by the intense money grab. The YouTube video that claims diamonds, cars, and mega thousands in rewards is frankly ridiculous. The product is further diminished by the CEO’s frequent outbursts that are unbusinesslike as well as unladylike. Everyone deserves profit for hard work and a worthwhile product but this companies over the top claims of 85% commission is bull shit and causes their affiliates to use any tactic required to sell their product. CBD is for the PEOPLE! Profit certainly but they are in danger of sullying their reputation further by unscrupulous business practices. Profit over people, empathy , and concern for customers is a big part of America’s biggest problems. I will recommend companies I have experience with. Charlottes Web, CV Sciences for oils and capsules. Sagely Naturals puts out a relief and recovery cream that is nothing short of outstanding. This CBD oil is far from the purest and the best in the world. People, please fact check. Do your research. There are many reviews out there, and it is less than impressive that this company is allowing affiliates to use any underhanded, unsavory practice necessary to achieve sales. It is sad indeed that anyone would use this life saving miracle to fall under the gun of American greed. I see this company imploding in the face of too much reputable, credible, companies that produce a better product and provide better customer service , not to mention empathy and compassion.

You had better pray there is never a mistake on an order. It has taken me over a month already and by the time I get it straight it will be over a month and a half, maybe two. Had to end up send the wrong order back myself!!!!! Not good for this company just starting! I doubt I will ever order again!!!!!!

The reviews praising the product are made by AFFILIATES. They are making commissions selling this crap to the rest of us. Hence the dodgy 5 star reviews.

This company is awful. I have spent all day emailing back and forth with customer service because they charged my credit card and I never received the product. I cancelled my affiliate account and definitely do not recommend doing business with a company like this. Very poor customer service.

In the comments on CBDOil review

“My husband and I have been using/selling Hempworx for 3 months with great relief from arthritis pain and depression. However, I am looking elsewhere to be a retailer. The company has grown too fast and the owners cannot keep up. The bottling was terrible and leaking and and shipping expensive and delayed sometimes weeks. They corrected their bottling after I lost 4 bottles to leakage in transit (they replaced ONE). You get NO discount as a dealer on your orders and it is a total pyramid scheme that I detest.”


“This is the worst company I have dealt with they take weeks to ship I set up for auto ship and on my third month after 10 days it’s still had not been shipped..”


I did like the products at first. After 3 months the product seemed to stop working. There always seems to be shipping issues. Don’t get me started on how annoying the representatives that sell this are or the company itself with their numerous emails sent on a daily basis. They seem to care more about getting people to sell their product then to use their product. I would not recommend.