Cannabis & Cancer – Christina Sanchez

christina sanchez

In this video Christina Sanchez delivers a talk in Paris about the latest research into treating cancer with cannabinoids. She also explains how the latest evidence show that whole plant cannabinoids are more effective than single molecule cannabinoids which seems to provide more evidence for the entourage effect

Dr. Cristina Sánchez is a Spanish molecular biologist at Complutense University, studying the antitumoral and other properties of medical cannabis, especially cancer and the therapeutic qualities of cannabinoids.

She has been vocal about popularizing the healing apoptotic effect of cannabinoids on cannabinoid receptor containing cancer cells while leaving the healthy cannabinoid receptor containing cells be.

4 thoughts on “Cannabis & Cancer – Christina Sanchez

    • Eternal Plants says:

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  1. Jessica Reed says:

    Very informative.
    Thank you Eternal plants for uploading this, and thank you to Dr. Sanchez for your research.

    I have seen first hand that CBD oil works in humans. My sister was diagnosed with cancer, a growth the size of a tennis ball in her neck. After two weeks of CBD oil, the growth reduced dramatically.
    Coupled with chemo/radiation therapy (to my reluctance) in the third week, it is not visible. Her battle now is overcoming the affects of chemo/radiation.
    She continues to have CBD oil, to assist with the side affects of chemotherapy ; nausea/loss in appetite/burning in her neck.
    More research needs to be done in Australia, to understand this incredible plant.
    In terms of where we are at, we first need to overcome our prejudice.
    The orchestra cannot be heard with just the violinist (cbd) the rest of the band needs to be heard, to realize the full potential of what we can achieve.

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