CBD Oil for Headaches: Treating Headaches and Migraine with CBD Oil

CBD Oil for Headaches

CBD Oil for Headaches: Treating Headaches and Migraine with CBD Oil Recognised as being safe and well tolerated by the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Expert Committee on Drug Dependence, Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is offering fresh hope to millions of people who suffer regularly from headaches and migraines. What are headaches? Headaches. They’re an ache in […]

Cannabis & Cancer – Christina Sanchez

christina sanchez

In this video Christina Sanchez delivers a talk in Paris about the latest research into treating cancer with cannabinoids. She also explains how the latest evidence show that whole plant cannabinoids are more effective than single molecule cannabinoids which seems to provide more evidence for the entourage effect Dr. Cristina Sánchez is a Spanish molecular biologist at Complutense University, studying […]

CBD Oil Lyme Disease – Treating Lyme disease symptoms with CBD oil

CBD Oil Lyme Disease treatment

CBD Oil & Lyme Disease CBD Oil Gives Hope to Lyme Disease Sufferers Lyme disease affects millions of people worldwide, but CBD oil is giving hope to many who suffer from the debilitating inflammatory and neuropathic symptoms of this insidious disease. What is Lyme disease? Lyme disease is a bacterial infection spread to humans by […]

CBD Oil for Sleep – Can CBD oil help with sleep conditions & insomnia?

CBD Oil for Sleep

CBD Oil for Sleep How CBD oil can improve your sleep Sleep is one of those things we foolishly think we can do without, but the effects of going without proper sleep can range from mild to debilitating. Evidence suggests that taking CBD oil for sleep conditions can help people to get a better night’s […]

How CBD Helps in Bone Fracture Healing

cbd bone fracture

Study: How CBD Helps in Bone Fracture Healing We’ve heard how how CBD oil helps in controlling Seizure Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation and much more. However, a recent study has revealed that CBD could help you recover from a bone fracture much quicker. A study in Tel Aviv University in Israel, led by Yankel Gabet […]

Can CBD oil help with autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions?

autoimmune disease CBD-Oil

Does CBD oil help with autoimmune disease? Overwhelmingly, the clinical and anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD oil can help manage the inflammatory symptoms caused by autoimmune diseases. In this article, we present links to research, as well as anecdotal accounts relating to some of the most prevalent autoimmune conditions, and how cannabidiol may help. We […]

Does CBD oil help anxiety? – CBD oil for Anxiety may reduce symptoms

CBD oil for Anxiety

Does CBD oil help anxiety? If you’ve ever suffered from full-blown anxiety, you know how much it can affect your day-to-day life. But, if you’ve never experienced it, it can be hard to understand what someone is going through. If you need help managing your own anxiety, or that of a loved one, CBD oil […]

What is “The Entourage Effect” and how does it work?

The Entourage Effect

What is the Entourage Effect? What is the Entourage Effect? If you have been researching the benefits of Medicinal cannabis for any length of time you are sure to have come across the term “Entourage Effect” It’s one of those terms that can easily be dismissed with a simplistic definition that the the sum of […]

CBD Oil Price Calculator – Compare CBD Oil Products

CBD Oil Price calculator

CBD Oil Price Calculator – Compare CBD Oil Products Our CBD oil price calculator will help you, especially If you have been looking online for CBD oil products for any length of time, you will know how many different CBD products are out there and how confusing it is when trying to compare prices. Even […]