The Scientist – The story of Dr Raphael Mechoulam

The Scientist

“The Scientist” is a documentary that traces the story of Dr Mechoulam from his early days as a child of the Holocaust in Bulgaria, through his immigration to Israel, and his career as the chief investigator into the chemistry and biology of the world’s most misunderstood plant. Dr. Mechoulam ascertained that THC interacts with the […]

What is CBG Cannabigerol? Health benefits of CBG

CBG Cannabigerol Molecule

What is CBG Cannabigerol? CBG cannabigerol  is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The two most common cannabinoids that most people know are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Cannabigerol is more common in hemp varieties of cannabis. What are the benefits of CBG Cannabigerol? CBG is known for its antibacterial effects and […]

A Harrington Park father of six says cannabis oil saved his life.

Cannabis Oil Saved My Life

A Harrington Park father of six says the use of illegal cannabis oil saved his life. Wayne (surname withheld at request) is almost cancer free after using the oil for more than a year. Earlier this year the federal government approved legislation making medical cannabis more accessible to people suffering from serious illnesses.   “The doctors […]

CBD oil reduces Katelyn’s seizures dramatically

katelyn lambert dravet syndrome

Michael Lambert, father of 5-year-old Katelyn Lambert was found guilty of possession and cultivation of cannabis. He was growing the plant to help his daughter who has the rare epileptic condition, Dravet Syndrome. CBD oil reduces Katelyn’s seizures dramatically Little Katelyn, was resistant to conventional medication, and suffered hundreds of seizures a day. Her future looked […]